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  100 million deal
You can pick anything that is sold on vendors that is valued at 100 mil or less. 1 item or many items as long as the total is under 100 million for all items. Just buy this and in the description tell us what we need to deliver! We will find all the items for you and hand deliver them!
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  Crafter Supplies
100K Iron Ingots
10K each colored ore
+60 ASH Hammer
60K Boards
60K Leather
10K each special leather
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  Mage Scroll Set
120 Magery
120 Eval Int
120 Meditation
120 Resisting Spells
120 Wrestling
+25 Stat Scroll
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  New Player pack
10x10 house malas/tram or fel you pick. 10 million gold. Your choice of a high resist nice 100 lrc suit or a nice 1000 luck suit.
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  Runic Crafters Package
This set includes
10 Barbed Runic Sewing Kits
1 Valorite Runic Hammers
1 Verite Runic Hammer
1 Heartwood Runic Dovetail Saws
1 Heartwood Fetchers Kit
  $69.99   Add  to Cart  
  Tamer Scroll Set
120 Animal Taming
120 Animal Lore
120 Veterinary
  $19.99   Add  to Cart  
  Warrior Scroll Set
120 Fighting Skill(Choose:Swords,Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery)
120 Tactics
120 Anatomy
120 Healing
120 Bushido
120 Resisting Spells
+25 Stat Scroll
  $44.99   Add  to Cart  

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