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Ultima Online 8th Anniversary Items

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  Dawn's Music Box
Music box:

Use the music box and choose from a list of songs to play.

This music will play only for you and will take the place of the current music
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  Dupre's Shield
Parrying: 5
Hit Point Increase: 5
Hit Point Regeneration: 1
Physical: 1
Energy: 1
Strength Required: 50
Durability: 255
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  Fountain of Life
Soak a stack of up to 10 bandages in the fountain and improve their efficacy. This can be done once every 24 hours.

Soaked bandages will become a new hue
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  Guantlets of Valor
Part of an armor set (8 pieces)
Physical: 6
Fire: 6
Cold: 8
Poison: 6
Energy: 9
Strength Required: 50
Durability: 255
  $4.99   Add  to Cart  
  Helm of Spirituality
Part of an armor set (8 pieces)
Physical: 8
Fire: 8
Cold: 7
Poison: 9
Energy: 8
Strength Required: 25
Durability: 255
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  Ossian Grimoire
FC: 1
Mana Regen: 1
Necromancy skill: +10
Increases Karma loss from casting Necro spells by 5% (new property)
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  Quiver of Infinity
Mondain’s Legacy entitlement required
A special quiver:
Damage modifier: 10%
Lower ammo cost: 20%
Weight Reduction: 30%
Defense chance increase: 5%
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  Tailsmans of the Fey
One of a set of four talismans:
On redeeming an 8th anniversary token, you must choose one talisman type .

Each talisman grants an additional animal form:

Squirrel (20 Ninjitsu skill required): No special ability.

Ferret (40 Ninjitsu skill required): +10 to stealing skill.

Cu Sidhe (60 Ninjitsu skill required): Auto self-heals using bandages.

Reptalon (90 Ninjitsu skill required): Breathes fire
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