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Product Price
  Advanced Character
Choose for several different character templates
  $13.99   Add  to Cart  
  Gender Change
Change your gender
  $9.99   Add  to Cart  
  Heritage Token
Pick from many many many diffrent items
  $1.99   Add  to Cart  
  Japan Promotion Token
1 Token for a Tokuno Dye of your choice
  $5.99   Add  to Cart  
  Legacy Tokens
Choose a Soulstone, A shroud of Shadows or a Charger of the Fallen
  $9.99   Add  to Cart  
  Name Change
Change your name
  $9.99   Add  to Cart  
  Race Change Token
Change your race
  $4.99   Add  to Cart  
Lets you store a skill for use later on or to put on another character on the same account
  $9.99   Add  to Cart  
  Soulstone Fragment
Same as the full Soulstone but only has 5 uses
  $2.99   Add  to Cart  
Transfer a character and items from one shard to another.
  $14.99   Add  to Cart  

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